The demand for specialised divorce lawyers is reaching new heights at Sibus Romania

Publicat pe 26 August 2020
"We used to have 10 requests per week on average, but in the last two months, we saw that number doubling to more than 20 per week”, says founder of Sibus Group, Managing Director Patrick Nordstjærne.

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the isolation period from work and friends, Romania’s largest online market place for lawyers, Sibus | Simplicity in Business is reporting a significant increase in the demand for divorce lawyers. 

“Requests for specialised lawyers within divorce and custody was always  our biggest within the legal domains at Sibus. We used to have 10 requests per week on average, but in the last two months, we saw that number doubling to more than 20 per week”, says founder of Sibus Group, Managing Director Patrick Nordstjærne. 

Sibus’ services are 100% free and non-binding for both individuals and companies because our online service is sponsored by our partner law firms. We resolve any legal issue in max. 1 hour! 

We introduced this online market place in May 2014 and today, Sibus Legal is active in the 25 largest cities in Romania. More than 600 lawyers are and have been active on the platform over the years and we constantly have between 50-75 lawyers active, requesting contact details of our clients. 

Our system is very simple and transparent! Clients request a divorce lawyer online from and speak directly to our legal advisers on the phone. The team then decides which specialised lawyers to approach. After speaking to the client and finding the right lawyers, Sibus sends the contact details of the client to 3 lawyers in the requested city who then contact the client to discuss the details of the situation. 

“There are many different types of lawyers with different personalities,  skills and prices. At Sibus, we have filtered quality lawyers since 2014 and the ones who remained are the ones who are good enough to be here, the rest usually gives up. We have introduced transparency and actual competition in the legal domain, which is something that not all lawyers understand or like”, according to Patrick Nordstjærne. 

Clients coming to benefit from 100% free independent consultation, easy access and affordable prices. This is essentially what an “online market place” is supposed to do and we have been doing it since 2014. Anyone questioning the functionality and maybe even the quality behind Sibus can extract knowledge from this fact.

“Sibus helps both lawyers and clients! We help individuals and companies  save time and money and our professionals grow their business and network here”, Patrick Nordstjærne explains. 

The legal domain has many areas of specialisation and we filter the requests to ensure that our clients are contacted by affordable lawyers who understand the request. General legal requests can be made here

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Fact sheet about

Sibus has assisted nearly 9.000 individuals and companies in Romania since 2014. The platforms are operating in all major cities and solve requests for accounting, audit and legal. 

Sibus is first of its kind and the largest online market place for professional services in Romania. 

For more details, please contact:

Laura Gruia - Manager, Legal

Mobile: 0732 705 352


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